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    January 12, 2022

    Grow your talent (and a tree!) with Faith Guitars

    Faith Guitars produce some of the best value-for-money solid body acoustics available. The Faith Naked Venus is probably our bestselling electro-acoustic. Testimony to these wonderful instruments.

    But Faith Guitars are commited to more than great construction and sound. They have pledged to plant at least one tree for every guitar sold globaly from the start of 2022.

    Resulting from a partnership with not-for-profit, JUST ONE Tree, this action recognises the importance of an ethical and sustainable approach to instrument manufacturing.

    Alex Mew, Brand Director of Faith Guitars, stated “Working in conjunction with JUST ONE Tree will allow us to make a more positive environmental impact and we’re particularly pleased that they work closely with local communities in parts of Indonessia, not only replanting forests and mangroves, but also creating sustainable incomes too”.

    We strongly support this move and are delighted to provide the following Faith Guitars at a discounted price:

    Venus Blue Moon Burst Electro-Acoustic

    The Blood Moon is a fine sounding and immaculately built compact body guitar with a great pickup system, so it’s ideal as a stage guitar whether you’re playing open mics or big venues. The Venus body size, which is a little more compact than a 000 but relatively deep, is big enought to be nicely resonant unplugged but small enough to feel very comfortable on a strap. It’s a strong statement but about as cool as a guitar can get (so long as you like the colour blue).

    £1,112.00 £899.00. Learn more.

    FKV - Naked Venus Cutaway Electro-Acoustic

    When you buy a Naked you’re getting the same high quality solid woods that come on the Standard series, but by using a simple satin finish , no binding and a gig bag instead of a hard case the price is considerably lower. Unplugged it sounds marvellous, a bright and lively sounding guitarthat responds quickly and with lots of dynamic range. It’s also a lovely size, very compact for an orchestral style body so whever you’re curled up on the couch with it or slinginging it on a strap at a gig it feels very manageable. If you’re in the market for an affordable electro we really don’t think it gets much better than this!

    £609.00 £459.00. Learn more.

    FKV - Naked Venus 12 String Electro-Acoustic

    Looking for a 12 string? The combination of a 15″ lower bout and a slimmer depth of body looks to classic OM or Auditorium body-shapes for inspiration, and makes the Venus the perfect compromise. What remains unusual however, is finding a smaller bodied guitar in a 12 string guise. The Venus 12 remains remarkably easy to play, and will deliver that special 12 string sound with gusto.

    £705.00 £126.00. Learn more.

    Blue Moon Neptune Cutaway Acoustic

    The Neptune Blue Moon is a truly individual instrument. One of the beauties of genuinely solid, natural tonewoods is that each piece of solid timber used will vary in its natural colouration and its particular grain patterns, making your instrument unique. Tonally, the java mango top has an interesting character. It is not as loud and punchy as rosewood, nor as straightforwardly mellow as mahogany, yet it bears its own distinctive warmth. The overall tone could be described as dark and moody. The reduced level of resonant overtones makes the Blue Moon a perfect stage guitar: Eminently controllable, balanced and resistant to feedback.

    £979.00 £846.00. Learn more.

    Neptune Baritone Hi Gloss Acoustic

    The Neptune Baritone Hi Gloss is the very first Baritone model Faith have produced. The baby-jumbo shape pocesses a long neck and scale length, fitted with higher gauge strings, enabling lower register tuning. The Baritone sounds low enough to stand out from a standard acoustic yet still cut above the bass. It features an all-over high-gloss finish that is particularly effective in aiding the natural resonance of the Neptune body shape, while ensuring a fantastic level of clarity, string articulation, and volume.

    £1,239.00 £950.00. Learn more.

    Mercury Electro ‘Scoop’ Eclipse FECM-BNC Acoustic

    A little beauty, this Mercury is a traditional short-scale parlour model. With the neck joining the body at the 12th fret - rather than the 14th - the strings are held at a slightly lower tension than on regular models and the bridge is shifted further from the soundhole. These features result in a guitar that is physically easier to play, sounds much bigger than you would imagine and is also simple to handle and transport.

    £779.00 £636.00. Learn more.

    Naked Saturn Acoustic

    One of the original Faith shapes that launched the brand at the beginning of this century, this Saturn is a square-shouldered dreadnought design. The Spruce top and Mahogany body is 100% solid tonewood, in keeping with all other Faith series. However, the cosmetics and non-essential dressing have been stripped away, leaving the guitars in their natural, Naked state. Satin finished all over, the tonewood is almost entirely unrestricted in its resonant movement, so the tone delivered is far beyond what is normally expected at this price level.

    £562.00 £420.00. Learn more.