• Guitar Department

    February 18, 2016

    Highlights from this weeks new guitar arrivals - and a roundup for January

    Ok, so regular callers have probably spotted we’re a bit behind in our new arrivals updates! Truth be told, January is always geared towards the sale and new stock is a little thin on the ground - so we haven’t had much to report. Still, February is upon us now and the new arrivals are coming in thick and fast!

    First up this month are Gretsch, who have a whole new range hot off the press. Made in Indonesia rather than Korea, these new Streamliner models are hollow and semi hollow designs that take their inspiration from classic Gretsch models whilst adding their own twist. The 2420 is a deep hollow bodied design inspired by the tradition Brian Setzer styled Gretsch models, with newly designed Gretsch humbuckers and small, Gibson-esque F holes. The 2622 pitches its tent somewhere between the popular Electromatic 5422 and a Gibson 335 with a centre block to reduce feedback and increase sustain. Unlike a 335 it’s made of Spruce so it’s not as heavy as you might imagine, and you get a choice of stop tailpiece or Bigsby B70. The 2655 is inspired by the Falcon Junior, a Japanese made model that scaled down a White Falcon to 3/4 size. It’s more or less the same size as Pro Jet but hollow with a centre block. We have a 2420T in Flagstaff Sunset with a Bigsby, a 2622 in Walnut with a stop bar, a 2622T in Torino Green with a Bigsby and a 2655T in Black with a Bigsby - all in stock now.

    Fender’s run of 2015 limited editions must be lagging behind a bit because January brought us a rather cool US Mustang Shortboard with P90s and a lovely natural finish Ash body with a Walnut competition stripe. It’s really very pretty.

    Blog readers will probably have read lots of posts on Gordon Smith recently but we do love them and the shop is full of them, so forgive us if we can’t shut up about them! In stock as of last week are a GS1.60 in Black, a left handed GS1 also in black, a Graf Deluxe in red, a GS2 Deluxe also in red, A Tele Graf and a set of gorgeous custom GS1s in official Morris Minor colours. We have a lot more on order so get in touch if you’re interested in a particular one.

    On the acoustic front there’s a new Faith model in the Naked series, a very attractive Venus electro. The Venus range is doing particularly well at the moment and this seems like a very sensible addition.

    We sold a lot of Auden guitars over the Christmas period so we have a few new arrivals to tell you about. In the Neo range we have a Marlow, a 14 fret guitar that recalls the Gibson L00 in proportions, Cheaper than the standard series, the Neo has a satin finish and comes with a gig bag rather than a case, but it is avery bit as good in sound to the Standard Marlow - in fact, as fans of the Mahogany sound we’s even go as far as saying it could be a little better… but we’ll let your ears be the judge. At the other end of the scale we have a Grace jumbo, a big bodied Spruce and Maple instrument will all the rumble and boom you might expect, a very Cute Emily Rose parlour in all-Mahogany, and the Chester and Julia are back in stock.

    Lastly for this week, I always have to remind myself that we sell guitars at every price point and I shouldn’t just go on about the pricey stuff: and these next two little sparklers are anything but. A very cool new design by Aria, The FET-F1 is an electro acoustic with laminated flame Maple tops and F holes instead of the usual round hole. There’s a sunburst and a natural finish and they’re £225 each.

    That’s all for now… more next week!