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    September 1, 2020

    New Rickenbackers and an update on guitar repairs!

    RickenbackersRickenbacker 660 Electric Guitars | Mapleglo and Fireglo | £2,699

    We’re so excited to have these new Rickenbacker guitars in stock, particularly the Mapleglo, which we hand-picked ourselves from all those arriving in the UK to make sure we got the one with the most beautiful wood grain – but we also brought in the classic Fireglo too for traditionalists!

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    Guitar Set-Up and Repairs

    As with all our guitars, these wonderful new Rickenbackers are eligible for a free set-up within the first year. We recommend you let the instruments settle while you play them in at home for 3-4 months and then bring them in for us to take a look at for you!

    Today we’re also pleased to announce a new addition to our repair team! Danny is working in the shop on Saturdays and Wednesdays, 12 – 5pm, doing guitar set-ups and minor repairs, so if you have a guitar you need adjusting you can book an appointment to see him for an in-person assessment.

    Meanwhile, Glen is still available for more involved work which he’ll be doing from his home workshop so if you have structural repairs or major projects in mind we can accommodate them too.

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