• Instrument Department

    August 2, 2017

    Eastman El Rey ER4 Demo with Lloyd!

    The next-generation electric archtop is here! Solid Spruce Top, Solid Mahogany back and sides with classic “Big Box” jazz and blues tones. Superior feedback suppression at high volumes.

    An all solid, hand carved, contemporary jazz guitar, the ER4 was designed by master US luthier Otto D’Ambrosio and put together by Eastman’s expert team.

    This is one of the best sounding arch tops we’ve ever had in the shop, and we’re delighted to have Lloyd playing it.

    He’s using the Fender Blues Junior Lacquered Tweed Amp and we’re mic’d up with a lavalier mic clipped on to the body and the Blue Encore Condenser 300 on the amp. All available (except the lavalier mic) to purchase from the shop (and online!).

    Lloyd says: “A short demo of me playing the Eastman El Rey ER4. Lovely chord melody arrangement from Barry Greene’s chord melody ebook of the tune ‘peace’ with a slightly improvised ending. Great work with the filming recording and editing Tom and Joe.”

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