• Piano Department

    February 27, 2022

    Free piano workshops at Forsyths 6th March 24th April

    We are pleased ot be able to offer pianists opportunities to take part in FREE  workshops to help improve their technique and meet like minded pianists. We have two sesssions coming up at Forsyths which are excellent opportunities for pianists at all stages of their learning. This is part of a rolling programme of events for our customers - please do keep an eye on our website for further information aboug other future events.

    Manchester Piano Hub workshop in 2021

    Manchester Piano Hub workshop in 2021

    6th March: Manchester Piano Forum - A Way into ‘Mental Practice’ with pianist Hery Cash

    Henry is a superb up and coming young pianist who will be helping participants to think about practicing away from the piano and techniques for improving memorising music. You can find out more on our website here:-  https://www.forsyths.co.uk/content/334-a-way-into-mental-practice-with-henry-cash

    24th April: Piano Workshop with Susan Bettaney

    Susan is a wonderfully supportive and encouraging educator with decades of experience teaching pianists at Chethams School of Music. Her ever popular workshops are a real opportunity to play with a supportive audience and benefit from the sage advice of Susan. More details here:-  https://www.forsyths.co.uk/content/342-24-april-2022-piano-workshop-with-susan-bettaney