• Digital Pianos

    July 31, 2016

    New in store - Roland LX17 digital piano

    New in store we have the flagship Roland LX-17! A wonderful marriage of the pinnacle of digital technology combined with Roland’s superb build quality and audio knowledge.

    With limitless polyphony, six amplifier channels and eight built-in speakers it certainly packs a punch to the ear and is capable of faithfully handling even the most demanding of repertoire.

    However, with over three hundred voices contained within you are not limited to the piano, and can turn your hand to recreating an orchestra or imitating old time jazz scat singers.

    And when you’re not using it for music, it will be a beautiful addition to any room - the impressive polished black cabinet ensures you’ll always be pleased to have it on display.

    Whatever I say about it will never be the same as trying it for yourself, so pop in store today and have a play!

    Roland LX17 digital piano